Domain Name Selection/Move

When possible, it is much easier to purchase your domain name through us than to go with another company and then move it to your hosting account with us.  This is because when you purchase your domain name through us, “attaching” the domain name to your hosting account is almost seamless.  Also, you have only one company to deal with … us!

Audio Sermon Files:  The BIG Problem!

It is not unusual for a church to rethink building a new website simply because they feel locked in by the work involved to move all of their audio files, text and outlines for sermons.  If it takes only 5 minutes per sermon, imagine the amount of time it will take you to move 100, 200, 300 or more sermons!

We can save you a huge amount of time and work.  In a matter of a few days we can create a program that will move your audio sermons and sermon data from your old site to your new site.  So, rather than you investing hundreds of hours of paid staff time, we can get the job done in a few days.   Though this service is an added cost (dependent upon the complexity of the process) it will be well worth your time if you have 50 or more sermons to move.

Looks Great On All Devices

Our websites respond to all device sizes – from wide screen monitors to tablets to mobile phones.

Our clients don’t pay extra for this service … it’s FREE.

Since over 50% of Google searches now happen on mobile phones we believed this important enough to offer to all of our clients on all of our websites.