What colors are best for a church website?

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The question of how to design a church website is commonly viewed as insignificant. However, the design is one of the most important factors that make more people visit and stay in the website. Think about it. If we want people to see how great it is to have Christ in our lives in the best way possible, it wouldn’t hurt to start with the website’s layout and design. So, what colors are best for a church website?

After having settled on what content the church website should have, it is also wise to put extra attention to the website design. One detail of the design that matters much is its colors. Although the design will not completely determine the power of God that will move through the written content and messages the website have, colors can help communicate what the message of the website is.

Always remember, first impressions last. It will be great to have the right content and the right colors mash together for a beautiful church website.
Here are some tips on how to work website colors to your own church’s advantage:

  1. Think of your purpose. If your website is made for a local church, it is best to follow the colors that your church already sports in its logo and posters. This is to help people get more familiar with the church and make them feel as if they already belong in the group. However, if the church is on an international platform, the website could work more effectively in color shades of green and blue. This is due to the fact that blue and green both represent the earth tones, and the land and sea respectively. These are also colors that appeal to any people from different places, races, regions and status.
  2. Think of your audience. If your website is made for a ministry full of couples and adults, a simple, clean design and layout would work. The idea is to choose classic and monotone colors that give the feeling of maturity and sophistication. In the same note, if the page is for kids and teenagers, a colorful design will work wonders. Colors like yellow, red and orange are popular choices, because they are inviting to the eyes of the youth. If partnered with a fun layout that does not look cluttered, viewers 20 years below would want to keep reading and viewing content from your church website. If a church website would like to cater to older people, brown and white are the most popular colors to go for. This is because black texts can easily be read with a white background. Older people respond well and fast to information they can read vividly.
  3. Think of your photos. Photos are number one indicators of whether or not users can feel and like the vibe of your church and its people. Red and black are the most effective colors that could emphasize photos, because both of these colors are versatile and work well in colorful layout and typography, or with simple fonts and texts.

Among these tips, the most important thing to take note of is to use colors that quickly get the reader’s attention. Highlight the important clickable buttons using a color different from color of the whole page. Also, avoid using texture and prints as background of important texts. One reason behind this is to present a clean layout that makes navigation easier and better.

The whole point of the website anyway is to make a strong visual impact to all people. Another tip is to try viewing the design both from a computer and a phone. The layouts from the two gadgets greatly differ and should be checked first before publishing.


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